Graduate Computer Lab

The graduate student computer lab has restricted access located in the west wing of the Teaching and Learning Building (Building 10) in room 10–3032. To have your student ID card activated, please present your student ID card at the NBCGSS office during office hours to fill out a form. You will then need to drop off the form at the UNBC Facilities Department, which completes the process of the student ID card activation that can take zero to three business days. Once the UNBC Facilities Department grants approval, you need to have your student card encoded and set up a PIN number at the Facilities Department.

In 2019, UNBC changed all UNBC printers from Xerox printers to Ricoh printers. The Xerox printer codes for the Grad Lab (10-3032) no longer work for the new Ricoh printer in the Grad Lab because Ricoh is a separate company from Xerox.

The Ricoh Grad Lab printer has been connected to the rest of the PaperCut printing system at UNBC, which will allow graduate students to use their student ID cards or UNBC student login account at any Ricoh printer connected to PaperCut to access scanning, colour printing, black & while printing, and photocopying.

For 2019/2020, UNBC auto-populates each semester all current graduate students who are members of Northern BC Graduate Students’ Society (NBCGSS) with a free $5 credit that NBCGSS funds.

The free credit in the graduate student PaperCut account states, “NBCGSS Print Credit”. Any unused NBCGSS Print Credit by the end of the semester will be reset by UNBC to a free $5 credit for current graduate students who are members of the NBCGSS.

Please note that the NBCGSS does not have access to any graduate student PaperCut printing account.