Desk Space

Desk space is extremely limited at UNBC. Graduate students are advised to first contact their graduate program or supervisor to obtain desk space in offices booked by various program departments.

The NBCGSS books desk space for graduate students for several rooms in buildings 4 and 10 at the Prince George campus. Because NBCGSS desk space is extremely limited as well, NBCGSS desk space allocation is based on a first-come, first serve basis, and for graduate students who will use the desk space on a regular basis.

NBCGSS desk space is allocated on the following priorities:

  • Full-time, thesis based students
  • Other full-time students
  • Part-time students

If the graduate students do not already have office space somewhere in the University, they can indicate that they would like desk space by visiting the NBCGSS Office during regular office hours to fill out the paperwork, including the UNBC key request form that takes the UNBC Facilities Department at least two to three weeks to process.

Please be advised there is a waitlist for desk space in offices booked by the NBCGSS.